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Programs & Activities

RVHS offers a wide array of academic programs and services.   For questions about  specific services we provide, contact the school counselors.

Honor Classes
On-site Special Education
Work Release

The 21st Century grant has awarded us the opportunity to offer a wide variety of enrichment classes for students, parents, and the community.



Renaissance isn't just a program; it's a process that encourages academic excellence, improvement, and citizenship. Jostens Renaissance is the first and only national education-focused program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students. Its primary goals are to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm, and raise the level of community participation in schools. Renaissance schools often focus their program on four target areas:

  1. Increasing student attendance

  2. Improving overall academic performance

  3. Increasing graduation rates

  4. Creating a positive, safe school environment

In schools that use the Renaissance program as part of their curriculum, administrators have noted positive progress in areas such as:

  • Grade point averages

  • Standardized test scores

  • Attendance

  • Discipline Services

For more information contact Aryiel Vopalensky.


Our Work Release program gives students a chance to gain hands-on career training. We allow our juniors and seniors enrolled in CTE (Career and Technical Education) to be enrolled for only five (5) academic classes, and with parent permission and administrative approval, release them from school one period per day so they can gain real employment experience.